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About Me

Hi, My name is Micah Gallantz, and I am an eighth grader at Morey Middle School. I love to code and make highly advanced model rockets. If you want to check out my model rocket project, which I call Gallantz Aerospace you can check out my youtube channel for the project. Or, you can click on the Gallantz Aerospace link above. If you want to check out the things I have coded, click the "code projects" tab of my website. Gallantz Aerospace's goal is to build and fly highly advanced model rockets that use custom build flight computers with custom coded software for controlling the flight. Right now, I am working on the Prometheus rocket, and the Blip flight computer. Prometheus and Blip go hand in hand to control the rocket using a system called thrust vector control to control the rocket. My first main coding project was a game called Crazy Cat Clicker, where you click a cat to buy upgrades and make more money. Next, I just finished a small game called Diamond Cove, which is a small farming game. To play it, click Here.