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1/20/2022 Update

Hi, this update is an initial update about all my various projects.
Firstly, my website: my website is for all intensive purposes, done, once I finish writing this. I am quite happy with it, and I think it will stay like this for the forseeable future.
Next, Prometheus and Blip: Prometheus is mostly done, and only requires a couple more hours of work. But, while prometheus is done, Blip is quite behind, and I am working on a massive troubleshooting effort to solve some problems with the I2c lines. The flight software for blip is in the process of being coded, but it has been going slowly, as all efforts are on blip.
In terms of the launch pad, the only thing that still needs to be done is the installation of the electronics.
Next, the first YouTube video is in the works, with the script being complete, but I haven't had time to film it because I have been concentrated on Blip.
Finally, I just want to cover my coding. I have been working on Krazy Kat Simulator, which is a clicker game about cats. The first update of the game is almost done, only with upgrades left complete.
In the coming days I'm going to be working on Blip and some smaller things to prep for the launch of Prometheus.

At long last, Youtube!

Hi, everyone, I finally released my first youtube video to my channel, and I am pretty satisfied with it. If im being honest, its not amazing, but for a first video, I think its pretty good. In the future, I'm just going to be generally more engaging, as well as in the future, i'm going to follow a different structure of the video to cover more, and increase the pace of the video. The next video is going to be the launch of prometheus, and so for now, I won't have to think about youtube yet. If you want to check it out, just click here
In other news, I am approaching done with Krazy Kat simulator, with me just needing to add more upgrades.
Anyway, I think I'm done rambling, so, uh, bye I guess.