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Flight Computers

Blip Flight Computer

Prometheus Rocket

Blip is the flight computer that powers the Prometheus rocket, and it is capable of maintaining active thrust vector control. It was built to take input data from its sensors, and calculate the optimal motor angle to maintain stablility. To learn more about thrust vector control, Click here. Blip is built on a custom designed PCB, and the components are breakout boards that are soldered on the PCB. It has been the most troublesome part of the Prometheus program, and has taken the most time.
Status: in development
In service: n/a
Software: Blip flight software 1.0
Processor: Teensy 3.2
IMU: MPU 6050
Barometer: BMP 280
Outputs: 4 Piro, TVC X, TVC Y

PFC Flight computer

This flight computer is still very early in development, but it will be a data logging and parachute deployment computer for the Pegasus II rocket. It will likely be a very simple computer with no active control capability.
Status: Planning phase
In service: n/a
Software: unknown
Processor: unknown
IMU: unknown
Barometer: unknown
Outputs: n/a