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Gallantz Aerospace is my project to launch highly advanced model rockets with advanced flight computers and control schemes. This advancement, while cool, is highly expensive, so my goal is to use reusability and cost effectiveness to make this project sustainable and inexpensive. The current fleet consists of 2 rockets, 1 more traditional model rocket called Pegasus uses fins to control itself and an estes D-12 model for propulsion. As of January 2022, it has flown twice, both successful. Pegasus currently has one more powerful successor with the goal of launching to 1 kilometer altitude planned. The flagship rocket of Gallantz Aerospace's fleet is Prometheus. Prometheus uses the a system of thrust vector control to maintain stability, rather that more traditional fins. This allows it to take off slowly, and perform advanced flight profiles and menuevers. To allow for this, Prometheus uses a flight computer called Blip. Prometheus has been in development for over a year, as of January 2022. More on this rocket is available on the rockets tab.

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