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Code Projects

Crazy Cat Clicker

Crazy Cat Clicker is my first game, and I made it with Ryan Grube. It's general premise is the same as any clicker game, just with cats. You pet a cat to get money, and you buy upgrades to pet the cat faster or automatically, and you try to get the most money. It is coded in javasctript and HTML. I made the base clicker in one day, before I worked on it for about a week. At that point, Ryan came on board and we worked on it for about a month.

Diamond Cove

Diamond Cove is my second game, and I made it in Javascript and HTML(this time on my own). It's still kinda boring, and I don't have the will to make it better, but it was an interesting experiment to learn about the Javascript canvas, and how to use tile maps.

Tool Set

It has a stopwatch, a clock, and it may have a calculator.